HYALURON Hydro Eye Lifting Fluid Concentrate 閃潤水膜眼 15ml



重建眼周肌膚鎖水屏障 Active Ingredients • Aqua Shield Factor • Squalane • Sunflower Seed Oil 有效成份 • 水膜因子 • 角鯊烷 • 向日葵籽油 Performance • Provides hydro-rich protect barrier for deep moisture penetration • Rapidly plumps and smoothes periorbital fine lines and wrinkles • Enhances antioxidant protection; Lightens dark under-eye circles 功效 • 重建眼周肌膚鎖水屏障,深層補濕 • 即時填補眼周細紋及乾紋 • 強效抗氧化,明亮眼周肌膚

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