CLEAR SKIN Calming Tonic 清爽抗炎保濕噴霧 200ml



消炎抗菌 鎮靜肌膚 Active Ingredients • Aloe Vera • Calcium • D-pantheno 有效成份 • 蘆薈 • 鈣 • D-泛醇 Performance • Mild and protective solution designed for sensitive skin • Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients can effectively calm the skin • Promotes cell microcirculation, enhance cell viability and antiaging 功效 • 溫和配方適合敏感肌,有效調和及保護皮膚,令肌膚堅實細緻 • 消炎抗菌成份,能強效鎮靜肌膚 • 促進細胞微循環,強化細胞活力,延緩皮膚衰老

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